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It can happen that your stove works fine until one day it simply dies. Replacing it is not an option when you live paycheck to paycheck. Stove repair is considerably cheaper, we are C & C Appliance Service in Nashville, TN and we have been repairing appliances for our community for 20 years.

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No one expects a major appliance to stop working, but when it does happen, you should give C & C Appliance Service a call. C & C Appliance Service repairs all major brands of appliances from stoves to refrigerators and every appliance in No more problems with pld stove after our stove repairbetween. Most repairs can be done on site, so your stove is back to working order for the evening meal. A stove is really a major home appliance and functions on a higher voltage than most domestic appliances. Because of the increased voltage, it is not safe for a homeowner to attempt any stove repair. Without proper training and understanding of electricity and appliances, serious injury or death could occur. Call C & C Appliance Service at (615) 650-3800 instead and trust our specialists.

C & C Appliance Service has the service technicians to make any and all repairs. Our team of professionally trained, qualified technicians will troubleshoot, repair and replace any malfunctioning part on your stove. From a shattered front glass to a worn heating element, C & C Appliance Service will repair your stove to its original working condition quickly. Feel free to contact us, we offer also dryer and dishwasher repair services.

It is hard to feed a family without a functioning stove at home. If you are having issues with your stove and cannot get it to cook food properly, contact us at (615) 650-3800. We will dispatch a technician to your home, so you can get back to cooking quickly. C & C Appliance Service is a full service appliance repair facility. If we cannot repair a stove at your home, we will bring it back to the shop, make the repairs and return it. Call us today, we look forward to serving you.